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Guadalajara Grill has  a unique reservation schedule  and policy because of our live entertainment. Reservations must be on time to check-in.  Upon check-in time the person in charge of the reservation must check-in. please keep in mind entire party must be present in order to be seated. Reservations are good for  one show only.



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Please keep in mind in order for us to deliver the best service possible, during buffet hours the entire party must be present in order to be seated. Buffet is 90 minutes. Reminder: Any late reservations will be considered a walk-in. No exceptions. No Balloons or Strollers allowed. No Cakes allowed. Minimum of $30 must be consumed per person, per show. For deposits guests must present both their ID and the credit card on which the deposit was charged to verify card holder authentication before any credit can be given.  Cancellations made less than seven (7) days prior to the reservation are non-refundable. Please keep in mind all guests must be guaranteed upon making reservation, reservations are subject to a $30 per person charge if there are any missing or cancelled guests. For Walkins, we do not offer wait times. Please understand because of our live entertainment guests may/may not choose to stay for entire show so we cannot predict how tables will turn. Reservations are strongly recommended.  


Thank you again for the visit! Gracias por la visita! Your Guadalajara Grill Familia


Disclaimer: This paid amount of $30 is a deposit for 2/14/24 reservation. This deposit will be applied to your final bill and balance must be paid 2/14/24 at the end of your visit. Reservations must be on time. Two hour time limit at the table which starts at time of the reservation. This deposit secures no cancellations. No refunds. No Grace period. Late reservations will lose $30 deposit and will be placed on wait list. No exceptions. $30 minimum consumption required per person. All reservations will be, reserved seating, guests must choose seats from seating map. All reservations will be Shared Seating. 18% gratuity will be added to all checks

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